Analysis of the face

With facial analysis, we explain the strengths and weaknesses in our face.

  • What bothers us the most
  • Do we have premature or genetically predetermined wrinkles
  • What would we like to change
  • How do the over 70 muscles in our face work together, what do they look like and how are they connected to one another

The 9 Basic exercises

Facies consists of training the main muscles of our face with 9 basic exercises.

Exercise I

Strengthening the ring muscles of the eye, musculus orbicularis oculi. Bags under the eyes disappear leaving the under eye area toned and smooth.

Exercise II

Strengthening the upper eyelid muscle, musculus Sagging upper eyelids are raised.

Exercise III

Smoothing the forehead, musculus frontalis or occiptofrontalis. Frown lines and the transverse wrinkle across the width of the head are trained away and the brow line raised.

Exercise IV

For a beautiful Temple area, musculus temporalis. No chance for crowʼs feet.

Exercise V

Rounding of the cheeks, musculus zygomticus major. Full cheeks lend a youthful appearance to every face.

Exercise VI

Strengthening the lower cheek area, musculus buccinator. The chin line is strengthened and flabby cheeks are reduced.

Exercise VII

Strengthening the mouth angle and cheeks, musculus risorius. Lifts and strengthens hanging mouth angle.

Exercise VIII

Full lips, musculus orbicularis oris The lip volume is optimized and lip folds disappear.

Exercise IX

Toning of neck and chin, musculus platysma. A double chin yields to a tight and toned neck.

Required time

After 5-7 weeks, with intensive training at least 5 days a week, the first visible changes will have taken place. The required time for the 9 Facies exercises amounts to 20 - 30 minutes.

After about 10 weeks, the muscles are formed. From there, it is important to carry out 2-3 Facies training sessions per week to maintain the face muscles.

The training can also be divided into 2 sessions.

In Hollywood, before a big event, the stars go to plastic surgeons. We train intensively for 2 weeks before the big events with the Facies Extrapower exercises.