Effects of face muscle training

The breakdown of collagen and elastin, the fibres that hold the skin together, is unavoidable. The loss of subcutaneous fat is also inevitable. Muscle tissue becomes thin and weak.

With Facies, muscle cells can be newly reconstructed. Muscle tissue remains firm and elastic and increases in volume.

Loose features are strengthened subsequently and create a firmer natural face contour.

The elasticity in the skin is improved. The skin stretches itself out again firmly over the face smoothing out wrinkles and folds.

Removal of debris, circulation and moisture retention in the skin are significantly increased. The skin becomes healthy, rosy and smooth.

Strength and firmness in the face are clearly visible and recognizable.

My Story

At the beginning of my career as a make-up artiste, I was putting on the make up for some dancers in a show. I was impressed by the firm trained body of the solo dancer who was about 40. Her face, however, showed clear signs of ageing. This discrepancy was for me the key experience in the creation of Facies: If we can achieve firm bodies from vigourously training them then why couldn’t we do the same for our face? As it turns out, there are over one hundred muscles in the face, neck and nape areas waiting and needing to be trained!

I therefore began searching for literature on the subject with relatively limited success. I did nevertheless find a couple of exercises to try. When I first tried these exercises, I thought it was a joke. Gradually, I began to notice that something in my face had changed. This was for me the impetus that drove me to more intensely differentiate between the various facial muscles. I developed and refined new exercises until I noticed that with specific muscle training the face actually became more toned and firmer. That was nearly thirty years ago now and I am pleased to be able to present to you Facies healthy, simple and efficient exercise programs that will leave your face looking firmer and younger longer.

Who is Facies?

Marietta Heldstab
Born in 1955 and raised in Graubünden, Switzerland.

Education of Facial and Make-up artiste with Bernd Bauer “The Mask” in Cologne, Germany. Training leader for base and trend make-up.

Freelance make-up artist, Breitling, Swarovski, hairnight, Bobby Brown uvm.

Facial fitness trainer in the Grands Hotels Hof and Quellenhof, Bad Ragaz.

As of 2006, Facies facial trainer/visagist.